According to the Hindu mythology, it’s believed that millions of years ago, Shiva`s consort, Goddess Parvati was playing the game of dice with her lord. It is, in fact, this divine couple who has invented the game of dice. Elated with her win, the Goddess declared that whoever will gamble on the Diwali night, would have prosperous wealth throughout the year. And from then the gambling games have been the most important part of Diwali.

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So it doesn’t have to be just the same old ‘Teen Patti’ or ‘Flush’ that have to be the go-to gambling game. Here’s us listing 10 more options for games you can play on the Diwali night:


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2. Beer Jug:

One must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers to the upside-down manner before the next member begins and the one to do it first wins!

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3. Freeze!

In this one you continue doing whatever you are at that point of time, but as the music stops you are supposed to freeze instantly, or you lose! How about that?

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4. Pictionary:

Unleash your inner artist with the age-old game of Pictionary where you draw what your card says.

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5. Dum Charades :

This one might come across pretty simple but it can get pretty intense based on the movie names you’re choosing for the opponent team. And staying true to the Diwali spirit opt for some classic Bollywood movies.


6. Tounge Twister:

There is nothing like reliving the favorite mini Kareena Kapoor‘s tongue twister to mini Hrithik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, so throw on the tongue twister challenge and see who quits first.

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7. Mad Libs:

In this one, you ask people to give a list of words and then use them to fill in the blanks and then read it out loud in a sentence, even if it doesn’t make sense. It’ll definitely leave everyone in splits.

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8. Never Have I Ever:

The most common drinking game perhaps, but hey when did it ever stop being fun? Add a little dash of alcohol to the party, and you can see it getting more fun.

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9. Guess Who Card Game:

Write names of famous people on the cards and while one asks questions others are supposed to answer it in yes or no.

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10. Spin The Bottle:

There is no drinking game better to be played with a couple of friends and hotties like the classic Rachel Green and Ross Geller in this spin the bottle sequence.


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11. Cards Against Humanity:

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What’s Diwali without a little full on gambling though?

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