Priyanka Chopra has been in news for the past few days for varied reasons (even to the point that she almost stole Deepika’s limelight). First, she got injured on the sets of Quantico, suffering severe concussion and having to take a break from work as a result. And when she returned back from rest, she was just in time to win her second People’s Choice Award, this time for Favourite Actress in a Drama Series. So with these two very interesting facts behind her, Priyanka Chopra was ready to face popular TV host Jimmy Kimmel in his quite popular show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The celeb segment starts off with a doozy where Jimmy Kimmel tells Priyanka that she smells good. We wonder if it’s real creepy, but this is not the first time Priyanka Chopra has got this compliment on a chat show…

Here’s what happened next…

# After congratulating her on winning the People’s Choice Award for the second time, Kimmel asks her if she knew that she is going to win the awards. Priyanka replied that she had an inclination that she was one of the three frontrunners, to which Kimmel quipped that only the winners were there, while the losers never attended the ceremony. Priyanka, inadvertently, confirmed this fact by saying that she was there both the years and she won, to which Kimmel asked her if she really knew she was to win. Priyanka just laughed off, making us curious as to know if People’s Choice Awards is like any Bollywood award.


# Next topic was the concussion that Priyanka suffered during Quantico. Kimmel was surprised that she returned to work within a couple of days. As she described her hospital visit to treat for her concussion she revealed it was her Grey’s Anatomy moment. She also mentioned this was her first concussion.

# Priyanka also mentioned that she never wanted to tell her mother about her injury. However her mother, who was present at the show, had heard the news only on TV and she had to fly down to US from Mumbai to take care for her. She never

# Priyanka Chopra reveals her love for New York because it’s just 14 hours away from home, has great food and has picturesque viewes from wherever you look.

# Jimmy Kimmel tries to troll our song and dance routine in movies by asking Priyanka if every Bollywood movie has this. Priyanka replied by saying that it’s a cultural representation because every wedding in Indian has dance with drums accompanying it, so that’s what the movie are inspired. When Kimmel asks if hey ever remake Manchester By The Sea, will that too have a dance by the end, Priyanka says there will be music but no dance. She mentions La La Land that has song and dance, which nearly shuts the host up. Attagirl!

#  Priyanka also spoke about her stint in The Bachelor. As Quantico shares a network with the popular reality show, she had the opportunity to meet Nick Viall himself. She said “Today, actually, I shot a little bit with Nick, who is the Bachelor, for Quantico. I got a lot of digs about the girls. I have dish.”

Here’s the segment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live with Priyanka Chopra…

Priyanka Chopra is making her big Hollywood debut with Baywatch on May 26.

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5 fascinating revelations of Priyanka Chopra on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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