When it comes to the topic of face wash, one size does NOT fit all and the same skin care regime does not work for all either. When you say you are doing it right by washing your face daily, precisely every morning and night or whenever your skin feels greasy, groggy or right after you return from a polluted-air escapade.

You do seem to know the drill, but here’s a fact 7 out of 10 people commit face wash sin everyday— it might be the choice of the product, the frequency of use or might just be the way you apply it. If you’re humble enough to receive the grooming intel, here’s us listing down some of the biggest face wash sins you have been committing without even knowing:

1.Not Choosing the right product:

As said, one size does not fit all, so your mum’s, sister’s or brother’s face wash is not the right thing for you too. Observe your skin, experiment with products and stick to one that feels right and does not cause any breakout and dryness.

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2. Too hot to handle or just too cold to care: 

Extreme temperatures damage the skin, even if you are Batman. So always wash your face with lukewarm water, so that it does not cause any dryness.

Face Wash Mistakes You're Making Everyday

3. Skipping CTM:

You need to at least wash your face twice a day and most importantly at night. Follow the holy grail steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing so that you can remove all the dirt, oil and whatnot your face catches due to the pollution in the air.

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4. Using too much of the product or too less:

Balance is the key stunners. Buying an expensive face wash and using too less or using too much of a cheaper one is not going to help. Use as much as needed, it’s just a product, just use wisely.

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5. Rushing to climax:

This is something all of us, we rinse, apply the face wash, lather and wash it off quick. Right? Well, well mistake numero uno. The lather is always supposed to rest on your face. So give it a while, let it open your pores up, soften the sebum and do you complete justice and only then, wash it off. Calm the hell down.

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Well, next time you are washing your face, we hope you stay away from these sins!