The weekend is finally coming and so is the time to Netflix and chill or Amazon Prime for that reason…
But whatever your choice of the browser, do not underestimate the power of a long movie marathon with your close buddies with some comfort food n the choicest of alcohol. Single malt or cosmopolitan, it’s all good with some really good movie.

Here’s us bringing to you a list of movies to watch with your buddies over the weekend while getting wasted:

1. Euro Trip:
This one is a classic and has to be tej first on your list. It’s a classic combo of wanderlust with romance and club hopping. What do you want more?

2. Horrible Bosses:
Okay, how much ever cool office pale you might believe, you might have come across a boss type who might have been horrible!! Well, here’s your chance to curse each and every one of them over beers and pizza.

3. Walk of Shame:
Well well, it’s happened with all of us. Getting a little more hammered than expected, found ourselves in a company of escorts and finally landed up in a drug lord’s den. Well lot all of it, but surely we all have had at least the walk of shame.

4. Sex and the city:
It’s a classic. It’s iconic. It involves streets of NewYork, high-end fashion, girlfriends getting wasted, love and drama and much more. Just watch it!

5. Hitman’s bodyguard:

2 lines! Ryan Ronald’s is hot, the Dead pool is yet to release and you will laugh your guts out till your eyeballs wanna pop out. And yeah, Salma Hayek.

6. The Hangover:

Well, the name says it all. The question should be why not?

7. What happens in Vegas:

When life and love happen on a chance when two strangers wake up with a hangover and as a married couple the next morning. What follows is a whirlwind goose chase about why?