Lush, green and alive… nature is drenched in pitter-patter raindrops and happiness takes over when you sit by your window sipping your tea/coffee just the way you like and feel it’s a bliss to experience it. The weather is also perfect to remind you of ever green classics in the likes of tip-tip barse pani me ek ladki bheegi-bhagi si aur woh lamhe is not far when you realize the monsoons are great but also a downer when you have to step out looking your absolute best.
Well, all is not lost as we bring you the monsoon must haves to save the day.

1. The big bright umbrellas.

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!End your umbrella hunting spree with the likes of those bigger, brighter and super cute umbrellas.

2. Stylish Footwear.

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

Put your best fashion foot forward in sleek stylish flats, bright colorful flip-flops or those cuter than cute gumboots.

3. Raincoats to rescue.

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

If umbrellas are not your thing then you can always opt for a raincoat that matches your wardrobe vibes. Make sure you pick a piece which is stylish and the same time would shield you from those cold showers.

4. Waterproof Bags.

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

Monsoons have a tendency to quite literally rain on your parade and hence these water proof bags are a savior. They are both stylish and realistic and hence, you should totally make it a point to consider it.

5. Phone Covers

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

Phones are not just the way to be connected anymore they are armor. So keeping it safe is the need of the hour. So, if we are doing it anyway, let’s do it in style.

6. Shorts are the way to it!

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

There is nothing annoying than having to experience your favorite pair of jeans ruined thanks to the puddles, and also denim doesn’t dry soon. So, it’s always safer to opt for shorts or skirts made from some monsoon savvy fabrics.

7. Anti-Frizzy hair products

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

The rain drenched evenings and those hot monsoon snacks are a delight, but humidity takes a toll on the hair in monsoons. The right way to fight it is an option for any one from a shampoo, conditioner, serum or a spray that can control the frizz.

8.Waterproof Makeup

8 Monsoon must-have essentials!

If you are not living under the rock then you know it’s safe to use water proof products all year round. In case you don’t, then you still wouldn’t wanna risk looking like a homeless druggie having people wonder whats wrong because your mascara ran out.