People know to have a good time, and you know to party, Harder!

Every party has that one person who can always be counted to get the ball rolling and initiates the fun part of the party. As in you know, that one person who all the non-drinkers stay really far off from, the person who gets extra chatty with the even the newbie in the group, the one who changes the music to a peppier number and makes you shake a leg and loosen it up a bit and more.

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And if you dunno if there’s anyone in your squad, the chances are you being the person seem pretty high. And here are the signs:

1. You get the party invites from everyone throwing the best parties in town: 

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2. You really enjoy playing bartender and seeing to it that everyone has a good time:

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You know that no real party is getting really LIT until everyone is at least refilled their glasses thrice and more (it’s bad manners to count) and you make a point to keep an eye on if anyone is without a glass.

3. Snaps, Insta, and some more snaps!

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What’s a party without a proof that you really did kill it there and hey, you are there in almost every #Groupfie clicked.

4. Although you do keep a check on your friends:

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Yes, we have all got the one who starts throwing up profusely after 4 shots of tequila and the girl who starts throwing major bitchy tantrums after 5 cosmos, and you need all the bad vibes away from the party and thus keep a check on them.

5. You got the moves like Jagger!

You’re are always the first one to bust a move and warm up the dance floor. You have got some quirky and unique steps that soon everyone has got too, after watching you. And even before you know it, the attendees start imitating you, and while they laugh their heads off you know everyone is having a great time!

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6. You make the newbie in the group also feel comfortable:

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7. And you know to keep the party rolling till wee hours of the morning:

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8. You are the king of after parties:

Once the party is over people actually look for you in the room to ask where the after party is. And they are damn sure you’ll have some fun plan up your sleeve, and all they have to do is follow the way.

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