Late on the night of February 26, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt received a call from an unidentified caller, who claimed to be a gang leader, to extort a sum of Rs 50 lakh. The caller stated that if he is unable to fulfil his demand, he will kill is daughter Alia Bhatt and wife Soni Razdan.

According to a report by India Today, Police registered an FIR late on Wednesday night and recorded a statement from Mahesh Bhatt’s family. The case has now been transferred to Mumbai Police’s Anti Extortion Cell (ANC) and the matter will be further investigated by them along with other Police departments.

A source close to Mumbai police stated that after receiving the call, Mahesh Bhatt initially thought it to be a prank but later he received a number of texts and whatsapp messages that stated that these threats shouldn’t be taken lightly. The caller said, if his instruction weren’t followed he’ll kill Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan. The exact words were, “If you fail to do so, I will fire several rounds of bullets in your daughter Alia and wife Soni.”


Mahesh Bhatt was asked to deposit the said amount in a Lucknow based bank branch.

A police officer told India Today, “A case is registered under section 387 (causing a person to fear death or grievous hurt, in order to commit extortion.)”

Thing to be noted here is that the threat has come almost three years after more than thirteen people were arrested by Police in November 2014, who were reported to be from D gang and had plotted to eliminate Mahesh Bhatt and his family.

Celebrities Who Received Death Threats

Akshay Kumar

The actor had sacked his domestic help due to unknown reasons and soon after started receiving calls from a guy who claimed to be a fugitive gangster called Ravi Pujari. The caller threatened Akshay Kumar’s life and said he committed a grave mistake by letting his domestic help go. The police tried to catch the caller but later dismissed the case as a prank call.

Sonu Nigam

The singer had signed up with a particular event management company and soon after started getting death threats from the underworld, allegedly Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim, to cancel the deal and tie up with another event management company.  Sonu didn’t file a FIR for the same and went ahead with the same event management company.  Some guts, we say!

Kangna Ranaut


In the year 2007, Kangna’s sister Rangoli was attacked by a stalker who  threw acid at her face. Kangna filed a police complaint against the stalker as she was receiving death threats from the same guy, threatening to throw acid on her face too.  The stalker, Avinash Sharma was later caught by the police in that very year.

Mallika Sherawat


Controversy’s child Mallika Sherawat received a lot of threats when she announced to the world that she will be acting in a movie based on the life of Bhanwari Devi. The movie director KC Bokadia received similar threats too. No action was taken and many dismissed it as a publicity stunt.

Ayesha Takia


The actress and her family received death threats from the underworld asking for money in 2011. Though the police dismissed it as prank calls, Ayesha’s husband Farhan Azmi increased her security and also applied for a gun license. Do you know the caller knew their every movement? Spooky!

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'I will fire several rounds of bullets in your daughter Alia and wife Soni; said the caller
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