Sonam Kapoor became the talking point last week after her side b**b found limelight. At a song launch with Anushka Manchanda, the actress attended the event wearing a ruffled Rasario jumpsuit. With a plunging neckline and side b**b in display, she soon caught the gaze of paparazzi.
Needless to say, pics of the diva started floating about on social media and it wasn’t taken in good taste. However, according to Sonam, “I was wearing a low dress and when dancing, it moved. Three of the photograhers went behind and started taking pics sideways. When someone alerted me, I adjusted my dress, but those pics were already circulated. I was wearing correct innerwear, so nothing bad happened.

They made it into such a big deal on social media! I was like, ‘God! So what I am wearing is so important!’ Of course, what I wear has always been discussed…” she told DNA.


Well, buy now everybody must’ve come across Sonam’s pic from the event or even the video. It was pretty evident that the dress was over the top and brought her criticism because of how revealing it was. We thought the outfit lacked at a lot of places excluding the side b**b.

The ruffles didn’t work well, the jumpsuit length should’ve been up to the ankle. Of course, she was shamed for the look as internet “gems” found the outfit way too revealing for a girl and so so. “I have gotten all kinds of shaming. It’s very bad…” thinks the actress.

Sonam has been making headlines for a lot of reasons. Starting from her confession on being molested at the age of 13 to making her relationship with boyfriend Anand Ahuja public.

There are pictures of her with beau all over her social media and the opinionated actress has also stood up for women empowerment on several occasions. In fact, she has even delivered a spectacular performance in Neerja and found a space among the best actress’ league. Perhaps it is time to let go off the fashionista tag for Sonam, don’t you think?

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Sonam Kapoor's b**b show was purely accidental
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