With H1N1 taking over the entire city with the deadly virus, even the celebs are not spared. Latest victims to be afflicted with swine flu are Actor Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao. The couple spoke about their battle with the H1N1 virus via videoconference at the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup event in Pune, which they had to skip due to ill health.

Aamir Khan said, “It is a very happy day for us, but we are upset that after putting in efforts for one year, we could not be there to celebrate the day with you. We have been detected with H1N1 virus. It is known as swine flu commonly. It spread easily and therefore we have to remain in isolation for a week.”

The Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is an inter-village competition on watershed management and water conservation, organised by Paani Foundation, an NGO run by the actor and his wife.

Till date, swine flu has infected over 3,500 people in Maharashtra and killed 366. Last month saw the biggest spurt in swine flu-related deaths in the State at 103. In Mumbai this year, 850 cases and 16 deaths have been reported so far.

Dr. Mini Khetarpal, epidemiology in-charge at the BMC, said Mr. Khan is setting an excellent example by staying at home. “Home isolation cuts the chain of transmission of viruses like H1N1. A busy person like him may go out and infecting others.”