Today the major convict of 1993 serial blasts in Bombay –  Abu Salem has been finally sentenced to life in jail by a special court and the spotlight again goes to Monica Bedi. 

Here are some things you need to know about why their love story is doomed :

1. Monica was born in a Hoshiyarpur a small town in Punjab. She had then moved to Norway with her parents after that. She frequented India after she was 20 and loved Kathak as a dance form.

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2. It was through her dance classes, Manoj Kumar offered her a role in a movie she had been waiting for a long time. The movie went nowhere, but she was a known name then. She made a big name for herself doing the B-rated movies.

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3. They reportedly met during Dawood Ibrahim‘s annual Bollywood meetups and it’s said Abu Salem was flattered with her looks and beauty.

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4. He liked her so much he wanted to sweep her off her feet and marry her. But his lady love was very ambitious about being an actress and he didn’t want to be a hindrance. Like a true gentleman, he promised her the world and that he would make her a movie star.

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5. One cannot know for sure how many people the don terrorize, but Monica got cast in a very big banner and got to act with none other than Salman Khan himself in Jaanam Samjha Karo, scripted by Rajkumar Santoshi and directed by Andaleeb Sultanpuri. It’s said the entire focus of the movie was to show Monica look great and the lead actress Urmila Matondkar was neglected. Needless to say, the movie was a flop.

6. He next big role was in the David Dhawan directorial Jodi No 1, starring Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, and Twinkle Khanna. Monica was then to co-star with Sanjay Dutt, who had been given preferential billing over Govinda. Sanjay was very upset with the casting and protested on the grounds of that if Govinda could get a top star like Twinkle, how can he be paired with a B-grade starlet like Monica Bedi. He decided to quit the movie, but a phone call from the don made him change his mind entirely.

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7.Sanjay Dutt was instructed that in no way could he leave the movie and he was expected to be respectful to her so much so that he was not even to hold her too firmly during the romantic scenes. Salem’s ultimatum was enough to make everyone on the sets wary and the movie did pretty decent business due to the pair of Sanjay and Govinda and Dhawan’s standing in the market then.

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8. Her next cast was in a Rajiv Rai film, directorial Pyar Ishq Mohabbat with Kirti Reddy, Suniel Shetty, and Arjun Rampal. There was no scope for another leading actress but Salem had successfully threatened Rai. Needless to say, the movie was the biggest flop in Rai’s career and lost a considerable amount of money on it. Since Monica did not have a substantial role in the film too, Rai was scared of Salem and shifted base entirely and migrated to America.

9. After all the flops in Bollywood, Monica finally married Abu Salem. Although when arrested she denied ever being married to him and stated that it was a long live-in relationship.

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10. In the legal notice the Don sent her, he told her that he would be heartbroken if she didn’t name the marriage and would happily divorce her.

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11. When he was allegedly reported to be married to a Mumbra-based woman, she had nothing but good wishes for him.

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And that’s how a Mumbai Don terrorized an entire Bollywood industry to make his girlfriend a big movie star and failed, and now await’s his death in a Jail, being sentenced Life Imprisonment.