Being an underdog, Moonlight has managed to grab a lot of attention thanks to the number of nominations and recognition it has received in the award functions. In fact, the movie has bagged eight nominations at the Academy Awards that is set to take place in two weeks.

Even ex Bond girl Naomie Harris has found a nomination for herself thanks to her splendid performance as an abusive crack head mother in the movie. But did you know, she actually declined this role? You heard that right. The actress revealed that she wasn’t too keen on playing an addict in the movie as it exhibited negative connotation towards black women in particular.

On the same, she told The Daily Telegraph, “I didn’t want to play a crack addict. I feel that there are enough negative portrayals of women in general and black women in particular. I grew up with this really strong mother – really intelligent, powerful, independent, and I’ve always admired her.”


According to DailyMail, she was very sceptical of the role as she stated, “To be honest I had a lot of judgement about addiction because I had no awareness of it. I’ve never really been an addict except for bad reality TV and dark chocolate. There’s no-one in my family who’s an addict.

I had to go on an incredible journey. As a result of it, I have grown as a person. I think it’s the most research I’ve done for any part in fact.” Although later she did accept the role, what she failed to understand was the reason behind producer Jeremy Kleiner casting her as a crack head.

Harris explained, “I still don’t really understand,’ Naomie explained. ‘I’m miss clean-living, not alcohol-drinking no smoking and he [Producer Jeremy Kleiner] thought of me for a crack addict!”

The actress has been nominated for Academy Awards and was also honoured at BAFTA and Golden Globe but couldn’t bag the trophy thanks to strong contenders like Viola Davis Michelle Williams and more.

The plot of Moonlight follows the life of a young black man who is trying hard to find a place in the world whilst struggling to survive in a rough habitat. The film will be releasing in India on February 17, this Friday. Are you keen to watch the movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Academy Award nominee Naomie Harris reveals why she didn't want to be a part of the film initially
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