A few days back, television personality and actor Shekhar Suman put out a tweet where he slammed a certain ‘cocained’ actress, and how her stardom fell flat on the face. Fans were quick to guess that it was Kangana Ranaut that he was referring to, and he was taking a dig at how her latest movie, Rangoon, failed at the box office.

And to strengthen our belief about this matter, now son Adhyayen Suman posted another tweet that, again without taking the name of either Kangana Ranaut or her movie, takes a dig at both of them.


In a post, titled ‘Advice’, Adhyayen tweeted a pic where he had written a post about how he was being trolled by haters, who he believes should actually conserve their time and money to save a certain film, and stop the ‘Titanic from sinking’. No need to guess which movie he is referring to. Here’s the post…  “In the middle of my script reading! Disturbed again by these parasites (trollers) they might just assume someone else.. #justsaying.. let me give you an advice.. all the money ur making to come here and abuse me go to the theatres with whatever money u have and watch the film.. and save the “Titanic from sinking” cause it is sinking real fast..as far as me being a failure is concerened..it’s debatable.. we will see who will remain a failure and who won’t.. while I work films, you may mock me here or do something for yourself. Choose wisely”


Don’t know how Kangana Ranaut will handle all these digs thrown at her and her movie. Wanna place bets on this?

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Adhyayen takes a dig at Kangana Ranaut’s Rangoon
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