Shah Rukh Khan‘s film with Anushka Sharma opposite him and Imtiaz Ali on the director’s chair has a release date and even a film that is rivalling it at the box office – Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha. But it just can’t get the name right. From the time it went on the floors, the title has moved from The Ring to Rehnuma and now we hear a new name has cropped up – Raula! God…how difficult is it to confirm a name?

There are murmurs that the film now has a new name Raula which apparently in Punjabi means noise. You might have all heard the phrase in Punjabi Raula Pey Gaya. We don’t get it. Why are they so undecided on a name? We doubt Shah Rukh Khan’s film ever had difficulties in getting a title fixed. We wonder what is taking them so long. The film already has a competition to take care of the day it releases but the filmmakers can’t figure out a name for the film.

There’s also another thing that the film has been making news about. Apparently, the film has already made Rs 100 crore. According to Bollywoodhungama, all India and overseas distribution rights of the film has been sold at a whopping price of Rs 100 crore and more. The trade portal quoted Narendra Hirawat of NH Studioz who bagged the rights exclusively. He said, “Yes I have acquired the All India and overseas distribution rights of The Ring, but I will not comment on the cost of the same.” It is also reported that the deal apparently has been struck at a huge sum of Rs 125 crore! During Dilwale, reports claimed that the distribution rights fetched the makers Rs. 170 crore where Rs 130 crore was through the sale of India rights and 40 crore overseas. But Dilwale was sold to many distributors while NH Studioz is the sole rights owner of The Ring. This is damn interesting. It is an SRK film whose name is still ambiguous with some calling it Rehnuma and others The Ring. And yet, the distributions rights have scooped up with such a huge number. Of course, it’s the might of Shah Rukh Khan that worked here. But we don’t think this has happened before that a film whose first trailer is yet to be out and has already gained so much money.