In a recent interaction with the media, Aishwarya revealed her thoughts about intimacy on the big screen.

Here is the edited excerpt, “I think in that I’m referring to the fact that when I did Dhoom 2, I remember I did that just around the time there was also the talk of possibly working in the West, and I was declining some wonderful work in the West because I personally also wasn’t comfortable with the idea of intimacy on celluloid, but I keep referring to everything as, I think to the audience, everything is relative to how much they are exposed to.


So when there’s this huge influx of (kissing scenes) they’ve seen so much, that I think somehow (sic) now the audience has also become, pretty uh, they’ve… they’ve gotten used to all of this visually.

Uh, but at the time, I said okay let me first do, let me kind of maybe explore that turf a little bit, in an Indian movie, and so Dhoom was where you know I kind of explored the area.”

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Aishwarya’s Intimacy Onscreen
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