Akshay Kumar is the fittest actor in Bollywood. Not only that he is also the most disciplined one. If he never compromises on his health, he is also known to be punctual. But sadly, at a promotional event for Jolly LLB 2 in Delhi, the actor was an hour and a half late.

This left the media fuming. In fact, they got so miffed that they were contemplating walking out of the event when suddenly Akshay entered along with Huma Qureshi. While many decided to let it go and concentrate on the event, one lady reporter couldn’t help but mention to him that Akshay made them wait a lot.

The actor retorted, “Aapko unn logo se shikayat karni chahiye jinhone mujhe iss press conference ka waqt 11:30 bataya tha.” (You should have complained to the people who informed me that the press conference will begin at 11:30 am.) The actor was supposed to reach by 10:30.


But after that, Akshay didn’t give any of the journalists present any reason to complain. In fact, when his PR team signalled that they need to wrap up Q n A session, he stopped them. He said, “Koi baat nahi puchne dijiye. Kisi ko bhi puchna ho to mein yehi hu.” (No issues, let them ask. I am here only.)

He made sure that he answered everyone’s queries there. It is definitely heartening to see the actor giving time to the press who only a couple of minutes back was thinking of walking out of the event.

But in his defence, we would like to say is had these people checked his Twitter account, they would have known that Akshay was running late to the event.

But Akshay made up for it immensely. He entertained everyone at Amity Noida by grooving to Churake Dil Mera. How’s that for extra credit?

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Akshay Kumar reached an event in Delhi late and this is what happened next
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