It’s not uncommon to see public getting riled up at award ceremonies for giving away trophies to actors they don’t think are deserving enough. Indian award ceremonies have often been questioned for selecting winners. This year social media went berserk when Akshay Kumar and Airlift got sidelined at many award shows.

People believed that the actor did great justice to his role and deserved the trophy completely. But organisers of such events didn’t feel so. When Akshay was asked to react on this at an event, he gave a reply that should make everyone take note of this brilliant actor.

Akshay said, “That’s okay because maybe I don’t deserve it. There are many people who have done much better so they get it.” We disagree completely Akshay. An award for you is long overdue. You have given us some of the best films in last few years which in itself deserves a lot of awards.


In fact, the actor gives more emphasis on rewards rather than awards. Kareena Kapoor had revealed about the same when she appeared on Koffee With Karan. When Akshay was informed about Bebo’s this quote, he quipped, “She said that? I thought it was a secret. I told her to never say about it. I have to have her word with her.I just said ‘keep on working, don’t think so much. If you don’t get any award, just think that you’ve got the reward and carry on’.”

Clearly, the fact that Akshay Kumar is getting all the love from audience seems to be enough for him. Earlier when he was asked about Baby getting a similar treatment at award shows, Akshay told DNA, “Getting an award, not getting an award, how does it matter?

There are times when I am asked to announce and give away an award. Main toh kholta bhi nahi hoon. Main sirf dekhta hoon ki aage kaun baitha hai. And I’m like, ‘Ha, yeh award isi ko milega’. I can say it without reading (Laughs loud) It’s a guessing game now.” He surely has figured out a way to pun on it.

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Akshay Kumar reacts to not getting an award for Airlift
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