He was never backed by a godfather, didn’t hail from a well- known celebrity khaandaan and yet has managed to flourish in the film industry for over 25 years now. I am talking about Akshay Kumar. Coming from a non filmi background, Akshay did have to strive really hard during his initial days but his hardwork is paying off today.

He has joined the league of the most established actors in the film industry and well, it’s not sheer hardwork but also his morals and principles that have helped him build a flourishing career in Bollywood. We have always known that he is a disciplinarian, never makes anyone wait on the sets because he is always on time, be it on the sets or reaching home.

Basically, he has a fixed schedule and he ensures that he follows it. So if you are someone who is inspired from Akshay and wish to do as good as him in the film industry, here’s a list of do’s and do’s that you OUGHT to follow to have a long term career in Bollywood.


The formula to choosing the RIGHT script decoded..

“I don’t do films to bring changes in people’s minds. I do films which I believe in.”

Lesson Learnt:

This is SO important. The first step to having a career in Bollywood is to choose the right script. Where other actors are doing films with the intention of influencing the society, Akki likes to do films that interest him personally.

Not trying to please anyone!

“I don’t act smart in front of my director”

Lesson Learnt:

Everytime you do a film, believe that you know nothing. Its your director who is your GOD and your script your Bible. Just follow your director and you will excel.

“If anybody likes the film or not, that depends on people.”

Lesson Learnt:

Everyone has different takes on different films. A film like OMG – Oh My God!, Piku or Udta Punjab or Neerja or Udta Punjab for that matter might be liked by a certain set of people whereas the others might not be very impressed with it.

“You have to understand the psychology of the producers. They don’t mind if you are a lesser actor, but they would like their films to get completed on time. It is the biggest success tip I can give other actors.”

Lesson Learnt:

What he basically meant to say is that producers are only interested in what kind of a person you are at work. Well, he makes complete sense here!

So, there you go.. Akshay Kumar’s success mantra is out in the open for you!

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Akshay Kumar's formula for success decoded
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