Badrinath Ki Dulhania is releasing this Friday and everyone is excited about it and rightly so. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan‘s chemistry in films have been simply sizzling. Everytime they come together, they create magic. And we are pretty sure BKD won’t be an exception.
Presently, the actors are busy promoting the film on every platform possible. This is also the time when screenings are held for the fraternity. The actors, too, were part of such a screening recently. However, this was a special screening. Why? Well, both of them took their families to the do, making it a family outing.
We already told you how Varun chose to be with his parents rather than being with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal who was also present there. He was seen posing with David Dhawan and his mom for the shutterbugs while Natasha posed alone. Varun was constantly seen sticking by his family, whereas Natasha only reached after the Dhawan family went inside for the screening.
Guess he chose to be with his parents this time round. Alia, on the other hand, was there with her sister, mother Soni Razdan and father Mahesh Bhatt. She too posed for the cameras along with them. It surely was really heart warming to see the actors get their parents to a special screening of the film.
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Badrinath Ki Dulhania is a love story about Badrinath Bansal (Varun) and Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia). Like every love story, the boy meets the girl and falls for her. And even while the girl tells him that she is not interested, he pursues her and makes her fall in love with him. A love story brews, but the clash of ideologies lead to a lot of complications. What will happen in the end? Will Badri get his Dulhania? For that, you have to hit the theatres on March 10.
Varun Dhawan Family Members

David Dhawan – Varun Dhawan Father

Varun Dhawan with his father, David Dhawan.

Rising star Varun Dhawan has grown up having an inside view of Bollywood. His father is hit director, David Dhawan who has enlivened the lives of many a Bollywood fan with his films that have a huge dose of comedies and madness.
In an interview, Varun spoke about how inspirational he found his father’s stories about his own struggles that were shared with his son to keep him grounded. Varun revealed that he believed his father stories because David was a man of principle. There is an element of hero-worship on the part of Varun, as the youngster called his father his true ‘hero.’ Previously, he didn’t respect his father’s movies as much as he does now after working in his father’s film, and finds his father a marvel.
Varun has further revealed that his father has never hit him and once when he was at the end of his patience at Varun’s mischief, he managed to control himself. He said that he had earlier been shy of saying ‘I love you’ to his father, but now he feels he could say it in front of the world.
Varun credits his parents for who and what he is now.

Karuna Dhawan – Varun Dhawan Mother

Varun Dhawan with his father, David Dhawan and mother, Karuna Dhawan.

Varun Dhawan’s mother is Karuna (Lali) Dhawan, a homemakeer. Varun loves his mother a lot and doesn’t lag behind in saying the same to her. He credits his mother for his entry into Bollywood and says that it was because of his mother’s dream and wish to see him as an actor that he is where he is. He revealed that his mother has a habit of fussing over him and then when sometimes he can’t bear it any more, he snaps or yells at her, but lands up hating himself and feeling terrible for hurting her.
Varun confesses that he was a plump kid and his mother and elder brother would often tease him when his school pants became tight! He says that his mother hates to see him removing his shirt onscreen!

Rohit Dhawan – Varun Dhawan Brother
Varun Dhawan as a child with his brother, Rohit Dhawan.
Varun Dhawan's brother and sister-in-law.

Varun Dhawan’s elder brother, Rohit Dhawan is also a film director. It is apparent that the two brothers are close and Varun credits his brother along with his parents for who he is. There is an affectionate elder brother-younger brother bond between the two with Rohit looking out for his impetuous younger brother and pulling him out of scrapes. Varun says that Rohit always was generous with him and always shares everything he has, even now, be it toys when they were younger and opportunities in life now. He says that Rohit’s heart is made of gold.

Anil and Siddharth Dhawan – Varun Dhawan’s Uncle and Cousin

Varun Dhawan's father David Dhawan with Varun's uncle, Anil Dhawan.

Varun Dhawan’s uncle, Anil Dhawan is his father’s elder brother, who was a lead actor in Bollywood many decades back and is now a television actor. In an interview, David has spoken about his closeness with his elder brother, Anil and calls him his hero. David credits him for his being in Bollywood.
Varun’s cousin, Siddharth Dhawan is also an actor who has worked in the movies, but never managed to make a mark.

Punit Malhotra – Varun Dhawan Second Cousin

Varun Dhawan with second cousin, Punit Malhotra.

Varun Dhawan’s second cousin, Punit Malhotra is also in Bollywood and is a film director. Their respective fathers are first cousins. While not much is known about closeness between the two families, Varun and Punit are often photographed together attending the same parties.

Natasha Dalal – Varun Dhawan Rumoured Girlfriend

Varun Dhawan with rumoured girlfriend, Natasha Dalal.

There have been rumours that Varun Dhawan had a girlfriend whose name was Natasha Dalal and who was his childhood girlfriend. While Varun has never admitted to being in a romantic relationship with her, he called her “family” in an interview. After being in a five year relationship, it is rumoured that the two are no longer together now, with a source claiming distance being the deal breaker for the two.

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Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan did something very special for their families
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