Alia Bhatt is an actress everyone has high hopes from. She not only has the charm and innocence but also brilliant acting skills. Highway wouldn’t have been what it became without her or Udta Punjab for that matter. She will soon be seen in Badrinath Ki Dulhania which will be a pure entertainer. So with people going crazy about her histrionics, you would expect her to continue doing more intense movies like UP, but turns out Alia wants to stay away from that genre now. Thankfully, not for too long.

Yesterday while speaking to a group of journalists, Alia talked about what she wants to do now. The actress was pretty sure it’s comedy that she wants to get into next and give serious films a rest for some time. Talking about if she is making a conscious effort to do varied roles with every film of hers, Alia said, “See it’s an attempt for me, not for the people. I am not doing it because that’s the right thing to do. I am not doing it ki logon acha lagega. I am doing it because mujhe acha lagega. Mein strategise nahi kar rahi mein aisa hi sochti hu.


Like I don’t want to do a serious film now. If it’s biopic, I am ready to do it because it will be a true story. I want to do comedy now. I am waiting for someone to offer me comedy. I want to satisfy my cravings.”

Clearly, comedy is on her mind now. If you remember, there were talks of Alia doing Golmaal 4 starring Ajay Devgn. But she later backed out owing to Ajay and Karan Johar’s animosity. DNA had quoted a source saying, “Regardless of Karan asking her to be part of G4 or not, it was the only logical outcome. She owes her career to Karan and her loyalties lie with him. How could she work with Ajay after his clash with KJo went nuclear?” So when Alia was asked about it at this interview, she reacted as if she didn’t know about it and then broke into a smile. Well, it seems we will only have to guess what might have happened.

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Alia Bhatt has one thing on her mind and that's comedy
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