Calm down! This isn’t happening for real as of now but in a hypothetical situation, if ever a biopic on Karan Johar would be made, he would want Alia to play Twinkle Khanna’s role in it. Now we all know that Alia Bhatt is one of Karan Johar’s favourite students. So it didn’t really come to us as a surprise when at an award show recently he said that he would want her to play the role of his first love and best friend Twinkle Khanna. At the award show, Alia was given the Outstanding Talent of the Year award and KJo got to present the award to her. The filmmaker got all emotional and said, “She is my second daughter and third child.” Engaging in a fun banter, Ms Bhatt replied saying that she would play Karan’s mom Hiroo Johar if there was a biopic ever made on Karan. He then replied, “You aren’t Sindhi enough.” That’s when Karan said that Alia should rather play his childhood bestie Twinkle Khanna in his biopic. That would be super cool! In case if the biopic is ever made, that is.. Now we all know that Twinkle is someone who is sassy, outspoken and says what’s exactly on her mind. For anybody to fit into Twinkle’s shoes wouldn’t really be easy.. no? But considering Alia can pull off any role effortlessly, we are hoping she would do complete justice to it.
In other news, Karan Johar is currently busy taking utmost care of his children Yash and Roohi Johar. He took them home finally after a month yesterday and celebs like Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Manish Malhotra dropped by to wish him and meet the babies. However, the filmmaker’s friends would have to wait for another month to meet them simply because newborns are likely to attract infections. Hence, the doctors have advised Karan to keep a low profile for the next month at least. In a report in Mid- Day, the doctors were quoted saying, “Normally, babies have low immunity and in case of premature births, extra precaution is mandatory. Regular follow-up (check-up) us of utmost importance, so that we can monitor their growth. Deficiencies that they had during birth also need to be checked. We have fixed dates to conduct tests and ascertain their health. He (Karan) needs to keep a tab on the number of guests he receives; the babies are susceptible to infection.”