Every film gets censored because of various reasons. At times, it’s the Censor Board and at other times, the makers themselves decide to chop off a few scenes to keep the runtime less. But more often than one, these deleted scenes appeal to you more than the entire movie.

Say for example this particular scene which was removed from Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan‘s Dear Zindagi. The way the actress reacts here is what you want to do for real when elders feel obliged to go all ‘Aajkal ke bacche’ on you.

The video has Alia looking for her assigned seat in a flight. She finds it occupied by an elderly man who asks her to take his instead in the front since he wants to sit with his son.


Alia though makes a face, decides to adjust. But when she sees that she has to sit sandwiched between two men, she decides to go back to her seat. She politely asks the elderly man to vacate her seat. But instead of doing so he goes all how kids today can’t adjust. This makes Alia furious and she tells him off.

She says that even young deserve to get respect from the elderly and she doesn’t want to sit in an uncomfortable position between two men.

Check out the video and you will know what we are saying.

You will be lying if you say you never wanted to say that out aloud like Alia did here. And that exactly makes us feel bad that the scene was removed from the film. Dear Zindagi was one such film.

A lot of moments in the film was relatable. Be it the breakup ke after effects or trust issues, it dealt with emotions we don’t generally want to deal with and hence, it received so much love from the audience.

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Alia Bhatt's outburst in this scene will hit you home
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