Shah Rukh Khan is finally in Delhi after travelling for 18 long hours in August Kranti Rajdhani Express which departed from Mumbai Central Railway Station at 5:40 pm on Monday. It is not every day when a superstar as big as Shah Rukh Khan takes the train to promote a film. With his train journey to promote his upcoming film ‘Raees,’ SRK has definitely taken film promotion to the next level and while it was loaded with fun, excitement and madness, a fan’s death at Vadodara station, did turn it into a tragic affair. Here’s taking a look at all what happened during this journey from Mumbai to Delhi…

January 23, 4:15 pm: Shah Rukh Khan leaves Mannat for Mumbai Central Railway Station


At around 4:15 on Monday evening, Shah Rukh Khan left ‘Mannat’ for Mumbai Central Railway Station to catch the train to Delhi. The superstar was casually and comfortably dressed for a train journey. Sporting stubble, SRK also had his hexagonal shades on. He waved to his fans in his trademark style before making his way towards the railway station.

January 23, 5:30 pm: Shah Rukh Khan waves to a sea of fans at Mumbai Central Railway Station

At around 5:30 in the evening, Shah Rukh Khan boarded August Kranti Rajdhani Express to Delhi. From the door of his train compartment, SRK waved to a sea of fans gathered at the railway station to get a glimpse of the superstar. The kind of superstardom King Khan enjoys, it was no surprise when a volley of fans got together to cheer for him.

January 23, 5:40 pm: With Shah Rukh Khan on board, August Kranti Rajdhani Express leaves for Delhi


At its scheduled departure time of 5:40 pm, August Kranti Rajdhani Express left for Delhi. Soon after the journey began, SRK’s pictures from inside the train surfaced online. Comfortably settled in his seat, SRK was seen engrossed in a telephonic conversation. A tray full of fruits was kept besides him. SRK usually doesn’t pay much heed to his health. Looks like, the superstar has now got a little conscious about his health.

January 23, 7:42 pm: ‘Raees’ Shah Rukh Khan reaches Vapi


At around 7:40 in the evening, August Kranti Rajdhani Express reached its first stopover of Gujarat – Vapi. Considering that ‘Raees’ is set in Gujarat and Shah Rukh Khan will be seen playing a Gujarati character in the film, there is a lot of excitement around it in the state. A teaser of that was seen as soon as the train reached Vapi station. SRK made it a point to get up from his seat and wave to his fans gathered at the platform.

January 23, 8:05 pm: August Kranti Rajdhani Express reaches Valsad

Shortly after leaving from Vapi, the train reached Valsad – its next stopover. Here also, SRK met with a joyful, unprecedented frenzy. Hundreds of fans of the superstar had gathered at the station just to get a sight of him. Some had even brought garlands to welcome Shah Rukh Khan.

January 23, 8:50 pm: Shah Rukh Khan and the team Raees reach Surat


At around 9 pm, August Kranti Rajdhani Express, with country’s one of the biggest stars on board, reached Surat. The crowd at the station was uncontrollable with some of the crazy fans even standing on benches to have a glance at their favourite superstar. Shah Rukh Khan is not called King Khan for no reason.

January 23, 9:30 pm: Raees Express arrives at Bharuch station

If the journalists on board August Kranti Rajdhani Express are to be believed, Bharuch was where Shah Rukh Khan and the team ‘Raees’ met with the craziest, noisiest and biggest crowd. A sea of fans had assembled at the station to get a peek of Shah Rukh Khan. Loud chants, flickering camera lights and overjoyed fans – that sums up the scene at Bharuch.

January 23, 10:21 pm: The Raees journey turns tragic at Vadodara


A stream of fans waited at Vadodara station for Shah Rukh Khan. Hours before its scheduled time of arrival, fans had gathered at the station to ensure they did not miss the chance of seeing the superstar for real. However, soon after the train reached Vadodara, this journey from Mumbai to Delhi took a tragic turn. A fan named Farid Khan suffocated due to the extensive crowd and passed away after suffering cardiac arrest. Incidentally, Farid was relative of a female journalist, who was travelling in August Kranti Rajdhani Express along with the team ‘Raees.’ The other highlight from Vadodara station was meeting between Shah Rukh Khan and cricketers Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan. The brothers, who came to the station to greet the superstar, were escorted by the latter’s PR team to ensure they did not face any trouble.

January 24, 10:55 am: Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees Express’reaches Delhi


Shah Rukh Khan, who was on board August Kranti Rajdhani Express along with director Rahul Dholakia, Sunny Leone, producer Ritesh Sidhwani and other members from the team ‘Raees’ reached Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station at its scheduled time of arrival. The superstar, who hails from Delhi, has a huge fan base in the capital. Therefore, tt wasn’t surprising at all to see a massive crowd at the railway station. Without caring about the chilly weather, SRK fanatics got together to welcome their superstar. Sunny Leone, her husband Daniel Weber and Dholakia were also clicked at the station upon their arrival.

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All About Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai to Delhi promotional train journey
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