Deepika Padukone has kept her promise and brought Vin Diesel to India. Her Hollywood venture xXx: Return of Xander Cage is having its premiere in India tonight, and well, from what Deepika chose to wear, it’s an opportunity missed. The actress wore a golden gown by Naeem Khan, and looks like she woke up a little too late for the Golden Globe Awards. Though, we are totally loving her hair and makeup, her outfit for the night is a major let down. Thankfully she wore minimal jewellery, cux this glittering dress could not have handled even a bit more of bling. All that glitters is NOT gold!

Deepika, who plays the role of Serena Unger in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, might just have continued with the outfit that she chose for the press conference that was held in the evening here. We loved Vin and D.J. Caruso in Indian outfits. Vin, also changed and wore a black T Shirt and Cargo pants for the red carpet. Also, Deepika should have at any cost avoided this gown. It resembles the gown Priyanka Chopra very recently wore to the Golden Globe Awards 2017. Comparisons are sure as hell going to be made. I can’t believe this was a conscious decision by Deepika, looking at the fact how similar are the two dresses. I fear this might turn out to be, God forbid, MTV EMA 2016 all over again.


Talking about the xXx: Return of Xander Cage, it was one gala affair. DJ and Vin gushed about Deepika, throughout. Who can complain, Deepika is that awesome (despite of getting her style statements wrong every now and then). The filmmaker also revealed that they are already planning to make a sequel of the film, and plans to cast Deepika are already in action. DJ even called Deepika “female Xander Cage” at the event.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage also stars Samuel L Jackson, Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev, Tony Jaa, Toni Collette and Donnie Yen. The movie is scheduled to release in India on January 14, ahead of its US release.

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All that glitters is Not gold!
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