The above pic has been going viral for some time today, and people have been guessing as to who those people are in this mystery pic and what it is alluding to. But this Bollywood and cricket-obsessed people in this country are more likely to guess as to who the people are in the picture, one of them being the humble yours truly. The taller man standing to the right is surely popular singer Sonu Nigam, and the shorter man to the left with busy hair is none other that batting maestro and God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Are you with me on this, readers?

Now that I have got the guesses out of the system, there is one question that is still haunting me – what is Sonu Nigam doing wielding a bat, while Sachin Tendulkar looks like he is ready to croon a song holding that mike? Why is there a role reversal here? My best bet would be that two of them are doing a music video together and this role reversal is a part of the act. If you are a Sachin Tendulkar fan, you should be knowing that there is a biopic on the master blaster coming out in a few weeks, and perhaps this music video is to promote the movie. Just a guess, like what we are doing about the above pic.

BTW, Sachin Tendulkar had tweeted about the pic, showing his confusion over Sonu Nigam being a part of the scenario, thereby confirming our doubts.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is written and directed by James Erskine, and is scheduled to release on May 26