Anushka Sharma has made quite an explosive statement on her recent outing on the chat show Koffee with Karan. According to Anushka, Karan Johar,  “would sometimes touch” her “very inappropriately”.

It all started with Karan Johar admitted to having a little crush on Anushka “right through the making of” Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, and took a dramatic turn when Anushka said, “I am sorry I was gonna put a sexual harassment case against him,” This statement left Karan in splits while, Katrina Kaif who was sharing the couch looked every bit confused by it. “He used to sometimes touch me very inappropriately,” Anushka told Katrina.


Katrina replied, “Maybe it was to spark a little fire inside you.” And further came Karan’s clarification that “it was all in fun” and it was just him “being tactile”. Katrina tried to divert the conversation in a different direction, when Anushka cut her and dropped yet another bomb.

“Even Jacqueline made a complaint against you at Manish’s (Malhotra) party,” Anushka said.

“That I was touching her inappropriately?” Karan asked, while laughing. “Yes!” Anushka confirmed.

“We should postpone this ‘legal’ matter for another day. It’s because I love you two, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you” Katrina said, sounding like the only sane person there.

Now with little to no context – these kind of statements could snowball into something serious. We get it that if the situation was actually that grave, Anushka would not have been sitting on that couch but what we don’t get is why would she miss out on important details of this statement and leave it open to speculations.

Every other day we her a story about women facing harassment at their workplace, and this is absolutely not a matter of joke. At least clarify once you are done making this sort of joke, that what was it all about.

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Anushka Sharma almost filed a sexual harassment case against Karan Johar
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