You can run, you can hide but you most certainly can’t escape the eyes of paparazzi, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. The couple certainly are doing their best to not allow the paps click them together. However, their latest selfies are surely making tongues wag. Thanks to this restaurant-er’s wife, the couple’s selfie has found its place in social media again! Here’s the scoop behind their selfie.

So Virushka slyly evaded the attention from shutterbugs as they made their way to Pune, to spend some time together. They successfully did so but things always can go wrong. As they enjoyed some good dine at a plush restaurant owned by Rohan Pate, his wife Amrita took a groupfie with the four.

Of course, she clicked a pic with one of the country’s finest cricketers along with his ladylove so without thinking twice, she uploaded the pic on her Facebook page! You heard that right. Although she soon deleted the image, internet and fan clubs managed to get their hands on it before the omission.

Well, all efforts of Anushka to keep her relationship under wraps is just going kaput. Recently, Virat had shared a rather loving Insta post along with a tweet where he said, “Everyday is a valentine day if you want it to be. You make everyday seem like one for me.” Quite mushy, don’t you think? Well, within 10 minutes after tweeting this, the cricketer pulled down his tweet. Reason? We’re still wondering.

But we must add that the post is very much present on his Insta page. The reason why we mentioned this incident is because this is the second time we’ve noticed pics being pulled down of the couple after being uploaded on social media. You can check out the pic we’re talking about below. Thankfully, this Virat fan club ensured that they get hold of this pic.


It’s a little odd that every time pics of Anushka and Virat are uploaded on social media, within minutes they’re pulled down. Is Anushka not ready to come out in the open about her relationship with Virat? Because clearly the cricketer has openly confessed his love for her and in fact, has also attributed Valentine’s Day to his post. In the past, Sharma did own upto the fact that she was seeing Kohli but ever since they reconciled after a brief breakup, things have become more private than before. The only time the actress flared up and spoke about her relationship was when they were recently spotted in Dehradun, Anushka’s hometown. Rumours of them getting betrothed started doing the rounds and to bring it all to an end, both the celebs took to social media to clarify that wedding was not on cards right now.

They are definitely at the peak of their career so perhaps they don’t want to settle down yet. Fair enough. But it would be nice to see more of Anushka and Virat together since they look damn adorable!

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli from their lunch date has popped up on social media
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