Anushka Sharma has turned into a ghost lately and is busy giving people the heebie-jeebies. Recently, she started this trend of  #Shashiwashere where she would pop up as her character of a spirit from Phillauri at real events. The Oscar goof up episode gave her a great opportunity to kickstart the trend. We also shared with you real life situations in her boyfriend Virat Kohli’s life, where Shashi can pop up. Now she has taken it forward to the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show and left the host really scared.


This time it wasn’t a cut out of Anushka from her second venture but just her voice which made Kapil shiver. The video has him checking out his makeup with his spot next to him when Anushka starts talking. She instructs him how to do it. Kapil is baffled as he can’t see the source of that voice and looks pretty scared. Of course, it’s a promotional gig. But the way the comedian-actor has acted in it proves he definitely is a good actor. Now it’s Kapil so it won’t be a dull video but a funny one. Check out right here to know why we chuckled and guffawed loudly after watching it.

The trailer of Anushka Sharma’s film though is fresh, lack the punch. It starts on a good note but later goes into the cliched territory of those old school comic horrors, where a ghost returns to the world of humans for an unfulfilled desire. The trailer has a few funny moments in the initial half but as mentioned above goes into the cliched, done to death territory i.e in order to get rid of the ghost you have to help it fulfil its last wish. A similar story was seen in Amitabh Bachchan’s Bhoothnath or even Shah Rukh Khan’s Chamatkar. However, the plot is clearly a rip-off of Johnny Depp’s Corpse Bride.

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Anushka Sharma scares Kapil Sharma!
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