Deepika Padukone’s highly anticipated Hollywood debut movie, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage may have under performed in its opening day. However, that doesn’t stop her co-stars from swooning all over her! The diva has made fans in the form of her co-stars Ruby Rose, Vin Diesel and very recently Ariadna Gutiérrez.

In case you guys didn’t know, the Miss Universe for 1 minute 58 seconds 2015, Ariadna, is also a part of the third xXx movie. And she is definitely in awe of our desi beauty. Very recently, the 31 year old actress had posted a pic of herself on Instagram where she was wearing an elegant Ralph and Russo number.

The diva looked drop dead gorgeous, no doubt there. Being such a charmer, the actress has managed to woo her co-star Ariadna as well. The Columbian model reacted to DP’s look from one of xXx’s promotions in the most fan-like way.


Both the divas are a part of Vin Diesel’s xXx: Return of Xander Cage that released in USA on 20, January. We must add though that Ariadna isn’t the first person to have gushed so much about Deepika. The actress, ever since shooting her film, has become quite popular among fashion critics as well as her co-stars.

Be it Vin or Ruby Rose, they’ll all praised DP for her good nature, looks, talent as an actor and of course, her persona. She surely has created a fandom among her co-stars. In the past too as Deepika featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ruby was going nuts with pride!

So much that she actually posted a still from the show and captioned it, “My dreams came true when I was invited on the @theellenshow but this makes me just as excited. Seeing @deepikapadukone on the world stage in all her beauty and ever shining spirit.” Isn’t this super cool that Deepika’s magic is spreading like wildfire in Hollywood as well?As Deepika posted her picture, Ariadna commented, “Queen <3” Isn’t that exactly how we react to the diva’s posts?

It totally seemed like a fan moment shared by Gutiérrez as she complimented DP. In fact, soon the actress also shared a rather sexy pic with Deepika from the LA premiere of xXx: Return of Xander Cage. In the pic, both the actresses were posing with a sultry (well Ariadna had the sultry face, DP had her lovely million dollar smile) look. The Columbian beauty shared the pic on her Instagram and once again, tagged Deepika with a heart by her name. Clearly, someone can’t stop gushing about our desi diva.

While Padukone donned a gorgeous pink Ralph and Russo cocktail gown, Ariadna wore a racy red Michael Costello gown with a slit reaching upto her pelvis! Yep, that did happen. However, the diva pulled off the look with serenity and made sure the ruffles of the gown were in the right place.

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