Ariana Grande was a victim of a very ugly Instagram hack. Following several obscene posts shared on the “Dangerous Woman” singer’s Social Media profile, she has finally revealed that it wasn’t her behind all those the negative messages and that she was herself a victim of a cyber crime.

On her Instagram account that was compromised, there were multiple images containing racial slurs and other profanities that were actually were posted.

In one of the post, the hacker boasted about being in a gang, before it was clear what exactly was happening, Nicki Minaj commented on one of the posts with a ~skeptical face~ emoji, suggesting that she had a feeling something was off. The hacker threatened the rapper telling her that she “was next.” Although Minaj didn’t respond, it is likely that she did not take offense to the hacker’s response seeing as the two artists have been friends for a few years.

Ariana Grande's Instagram account hacked, hackers threaten Nicki Minaj to be next!

Nicki’s account does not seem to have been compromised since, and Ariana’s has been reinstated.

Grande’s fan base, known as Arianators, seemed to heave a sigh of relief when it was revealed that it wasn’t her sharing the vulgar messages online. Because there were in shock thinking that Grande was purposely boasting about gangs and using offensive language on Social Media just after having such an emotional reaction following the Manchester tragedy.


After taking the control back to her Instagram account, Grande made a little joke by sharing a video of Diane Keaton waving her arms frantically as if she’s having a panic attack. She captioned it teasing, “Y’all when I got hacked this am”.

y'all when i got hacked this am

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All of the inappropriate and obscene posts from the social media account have since been deleted. Save for how many feelings were potentially hurt by the hacking, it’s good to see that Ariana is taking it in stride and that officials over at Instagram rectified the situation as fast as they could.