There are very few movies where Shah Rukh Khan can be seen shirtless. In fact, his close friend and director Farah Khan was one of the few people that managed to convince him to do so. Funnily enough, SRK doesn’t like to see his son prancing about the house shirtless either… and he has a logic for this.


In an interview with Femina, SRK spoke about equality.

I’m bringing up my sons to treat all as equals; as boys, they will have no extra privileges over girls. Sometimes I’m a bit conservative. I believe that a man in his house doesn’t have the right to go shirtless in front of his mother, sister or women friends. I tell Aryan to put on a T-shirt all the time… How would Aryan feel if his sister Suhana came out without a T-shirt? If you’d feel uncomfortable seeing your mother, daughter, sister, women friends without their clothes on, why would you expect them to accept you shirtless? It’s got nothing to do with having breasts or not—don’t do something a girl can’t do.

What do you guys think of daddy SRK’s thoughts?

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Aryan Khan Is Not Allowed To Go Shirtless
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