Karan Johar is always innovative in terms of his film promotions. And now that he has his favourite students Alia & Varun in his next movie, Badri Ki Dulhaniya, there was some PDA between the duo on instagram on V-Day.

Let us show you what Badri & his Dulhaniya have to say to each other on this day:

  1. Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvnडीयर Vaidehi, #ValentinesDay ke liye hum tumhaare liye phool laaye hai! #BadriVailentine @aliaa08

    Untitled2. Alia Bhatt  ✔@aliaa08

    थैंक्स बद्री. Here, I have a फूल for you too.  #BadriVailentine @varun_dvn


3. Varun Badri Dhawan  ✔@Varun_dvn

Arrey. Hum ache ladke hain. आई लव यू to the moon & back! #Badrivailentine @aliaa08


We found this too cute. For now, we will have to wait for some more time to watch the movie.

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Badri Ki Dulhaniya wala V-Day
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