Okay so imagine this… You are stuck in a nonmoving traffic and the GPS tells you it ain’t moving for next 15 minutes, the non-stop honking, the hawkers knocking the window panes, you see a bullock cart in middle of that, a labor dragging a pile of boxes in the scorching heat, children begging on the sidewalks and your phone not stopping ringing as you are late for a meeting, or you are late for an exam, or you are late to catch up a movie and don’t wanna miss the start, or you are late to catch the flight or to reach home on time…. We are constantly running, and at the same time, our brains are getting fried thinking of a dozen scenarios of the consequences of our actions.

The long hours working at the office or spent in a college for a student, the giving less time to family, the having no time for yourself, the sleeping late, the not getting up early, not having time for any physical activity, not eating clean…. It’s all piling up in our heads and it’s building up pressure day by day and we are one small step away from a mental breakdown. To burst out the anger on someone or cry out publicly or worse let it keep piling on, for it to suffocate us one day. The modern lifestyle is indeed killing us.

Stress Remedy:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

Stress is not all bad for our body. It’s our body’s defense mechanism to an emergency. When we are stressed our body produces stress hormones, but they are supposed to be in our bloodstream only for a shorter period of time. But when a person is constantly tensed and stressed it’s there in our body for a longer duration and that is what’s harmful to the body in the long run.

It makes a person irritable, angry, depressed, weak, puts the metabolism at risk and the constant tightening of the muscle can also result in various body pains. The only way out of this is to bring the mind at peace.

That’s why we recommend Stress Remedy by Siddham, a product by Swartantra.

It’s very simple yet powerful and relaxes your mind with a soothing audible vibration which calms you. It helps you to be positive & focused in just 17 minutes. All you have to do is listen.

Energy Burst:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

When we are constantly worried, overworked, sleep deprived, tensed or stressed because of the pace of the modern lifestyle. Our brain is never at peace. To add up to that, we have irregular sleeping parents and we are too lazy to make time to work out. We feed junk to our body and overwork it with caffeine. We are attacking ourselves in all possible directions and our mind is always overworked. As a result, we don’t feel like getting out of bed, doing any physical activity, we are always tired, not active and missing out on a lot of things in life.

We need a positive outlook and something that revitalizes our body. That solution is Energy Burst by Siddham, a product of Swartantra.

It revitalizes your mind and promotes positive mood. With this revival, audible vibration rises up and above. Recharge your spirit and your life.

Blissful Sleep:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!


The glowing lights from smartphones, burning the night oil to study the day before an important meeting or an exam, youngsters who think sleeping is a waste of time and purposely depriving themselves of it for academic or entertainment purposes, that last cup of espresso that’s not getting you the shut eye or an pressing issue that’s making you tense and worried not letting you sleep and many other trappings of modern life reduce people’s ability to get some decent hours of blissful sleep.

Although the occasional sleep interruptions are generally not much harmful, it puts one at risk when it becomes a pattern and can lead to severe problems like excessive daytime sleepiness, emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and a lowered perception of quality of life. When an individual does not get enough sleep, he begins to experience symptoms of “sleep deprivation”.

These consistent sleep-wake patterns of going to bed late, frequent nighttime arousals or waking up early can lead to accumulation of sleep debt when a person fails to get your required amount of sufficient sleep. The only way out is to get more sleep.

But how do you get it when your brain is too anxious and working, not letting you be at peace.

There seems a solution to all your sleep problems in a product we came across – Blissful Sleep by Siddham a product of Swartantra.

It uses a unique combination of audible vibrations and modern science to provide you with a peaceful & deep restorative sleep. This auditory vibration will make your mind wander through the stars and give you the ideal peaceful sleep which you were seeking for.SO when the next time your alarm goes off you is not left feeling that soggy, sickly sensation of having slept all wrong. You will be energized, focused and looking forward to conquering the day. The wait is surely over.

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Controlling Anger – Before it controls you.

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

Anger is neither good nor bad, it’s just like any other emotion wherein you are conveying a message – that the situation is a bit upsetting or unjust or threatening. It so happens many times when you are working on an important assignment and people in the house won’t keep the voices down or the busy street is distracting. It happens when you are watching your favorite scene in a movie and someone starts talking loudly. Or your friend spills coffee on your new outfit or the rains cancel your travel plans or you are stuck on a problem since a long time and can’t find a way out of it. Our brain is too worked up and needs a break from the constant running in a million directions.

At that time our reflex reaction is to explode, yell, shout on the person in front of us or harm ourselves. It’s perfectly fine to feel angry or agitated when we are wronged or mistreated but the way we take out our anger is important. It all starts with a flushed face, gritted teeth and cold sweat breaking and someone or oneself is at the receiving end of it. It can come as a physical or verbal blow and can bring you at the mercy of this unpredictable and powerful nature. It is very likely to damage your relationships, impair your judgment, get in the way of success, and have a negative impact on the way people see you. If you have a hot temper, you may feel like it’s out of your hands and there’s little you can do to tame the beast.

There is a product that’s proven to be very helpful, it’s Anger Control by Siddham, a product of Swartantra.

It’s audible vibrations regulates your peace of mind. It will help you to reach the tranquility, the soberness which will create a profound shift in your thoughts and feeling. With the correct usage of it, you will have more control over your anger than you think. You’ll indeed learn to express your emotions in a healthy way without hurting others and losing control. When it all happens you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also be more likely to get your needs met, be better able to manage conflict in your life, and strengthen your relationships. So what are you waiting for?

 Ultimate Passion:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

In today’s fast paced life of a demanding job, traveling, catching up on things and doing the needed we don’t get time for ourselves let alone for our loved ones. The tensions and the constant stress takes a toll even on our sexual lives causing several sexual disorders in different people.

It’s important that the daily disruptions and worries to not affect your relationship with your partner and hence we recommend, Ultimate Passion by Siddham, a Product by Swartantra.

It helps in rediscovering the joy of satisfying your partner. It allows you to take back the control with the ultimate instinctive audible vibration. Restore your sexual confidence and improve your relationship.

Positive thinking:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

The world we live in brings in a lot of happiness with a lot of hardships too. How we react to it, is what gets us going. But when certain things don’t go our way, or due to certain tough times when our patience is tested or going through personal and physical loss, we have negative thoughts. We start blaming the world for everything and are constantly irritated, angry or depressed. It affects our overall health, our relationships, our jobs, our academics and as a result of all that we are left more distressed. It leads to depression or even suicidal thoughts to end the suffering.

It’s said happiness only comes from within and for that, it’s very important to have positive thoughts. But when a mind is that tense, worried or sad there seems to be no ray of hope.

There is one solution, it’s Think Positive by Siddham a product by Swartantra.

It replaces your negativity with clear and positive thoughts. Its audible vibrations will help you to reach ultimate positivity and bring peace to the aggrieved state of mind.

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Skin Disorders:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

A distressed, tensed, overworked or stressed mind can cause a lot of skin problems. It can give you excessive acne, eczema. It can even cause hair loss or white spots on the body. It can trigger up a lot of rashes or even blisters.

It’s very important to bring the mind at peace and hence, we recommend Skin Cell Booster by Siddham, a product by Swartantra.

Its audible vibrations will have an effect on the intensive regeneration of skin cells. So, sit back and listen to the vibration which will have an adverse consequence gradually.

Focus Better:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

In the era of E-mails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Snap chat we are doing several things at once. But this multitasking is having adverse effects on our brains. It’s limited our ability to focus on one thing. We are a generation that can’t sit still. We check our social media having our lunch, we text while walking, we mail standing in the queue, we check the daily news talking to our friends, we focus on what’s next while in the meeting, we watch our favorite shows worrying on other things not doing. We are living in the fear of missing out on everything and are never present in the given situation.

Our mind is distracted by gazillion things happening simultaneously. It does take a toll on our overall health. It makes our memory suffer, it makes us forget important things, it puts our metabolism at risk, makes us constantly anxious, tensed, worried, scared and mostly unhappy and much tired. At the end of the day, we are left with no energy as our mind is tired of the constant work.

If you are looking for a way out, then we suggest you meditate using Focus booster by Siddham a product by Swartantra.

Improve Body Shape:

Believe in the power of positive vibrations to heal all your modern day lifestyle problems!

The pressure, the stress, the tensions, the anxiety of finishing our daily chores on time, keeping up with the ongoing social events, taking an active part in all our relationships, being there for people, the constant pressure and anxiety of self-validation through the Social-Media, the approval of the society… All of these, although small but constant bickering takes a toll on our brain. Because in addition to doing the necessary work we give it the additional chore of worrying about all these things. This can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

In this chaotic state of mind, the body goes through a hormonal imbalance leading to cravings, increased appetite or even a lack of appetite. Each of our body works differently depending what’s their response to this emotional state. So some people when too tensed, turn to food for comfort and mostly junk to feed their taste buds in order to feel good and not realizing they are harming their bodies by doing so. Some people due to all the tensions and constant worrying start skipping meals and lose their appetite. So the body’s weight suffers drastically by either excessive weight loss or gain and neither is healthy and proves to be very harmful in the long run.

Our solution to this problem is – Improve Body Shape by Siddham, a product by Swartantra.

It harnesses the mind-body connection to help your body to heal. This audible vibration helps in increasing Serenity and lowering the emotional distress that you are going through bringing you to a calm and relaxed state. When you are free of all the tensions of worries of the outside world, your inner self will be at peace letting you choose healthier options in life and leading to the healthy body.

Why Swartantra?

Swartantra – a new-age innovative technology that uses audible vibrations which are an amazing blend of Vedic knowledge and modern technology.

With our lives getting busier and our dependency on technology increases it’s just getting equally harder for one to make time for meditation or yoga or any physical activity of any sorts. And that is exactly what’s taking a toll on our bodies, giving rise to stress and a million diseases taking birth from it, our lives are at a constant risk and we are just one step away from a mental breakdown. Want to break free?

Daily listening of Swartantra will help you perceive things in a better manner and therefore making you a better judge of the decisions you make in your daily life. So go ahead and take control of your stress instead of letting stress control you. May the positive vibrations be with you.