Bipasha Basu has returned to work with a vengeance, after an extended New Year holiday at Gold Coast, Australia. The actress has signed a few celebrity endorsements, is in the process of zeroing in on two scripts and joins Salman Khan on the Da-Bang Tour 2017 in April-May.
According to Bips, the Da-Bang Tour would be the second biggest world concert in her career, apart from individual shows, “I am told that it is going to be really big. We are not just touring Melbourne and Sydney in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand, we will be going to Malaysia and Hong Kong, too.”However, this isn’t the first time she will be joining the superstar for a world tour.


“I’m excited because I am teaming up with him once again for a concert like this after a gap of nearly 14 years. I remember I did my first world tour with Salman way back in 2003. Those days, live concerts were considered a very big affair,” she shares.

Bipasha is looking at performing to some of her all-time hit numbers during the concert, “I would like to perform on all the chartbusters in the last 15 years of my career, including my No Entry song. However, I cannot comment much because we don’t have the creatives in place yet,” she says.

So what is her equation with Salman like? “Salman and I have been friends for quite some time. I recently attended his birthday party and we make it a point to talk to each other once in a while. We share a great rapport,” she says.

The tour, led by Salman, is part of his initiative to go international with his Dabangg film franchise.

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Bipasha is looking at performing to some of her all-time hit numbers during the concert
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