As soon as Donald Trump won the election, Bollywood had a lot to say, here is how they reacted to his victory


  1. Vir Das

Every racist, bigot & homophobe that voted for him is now going to Realize the difference between election speeches and actual empowerment

  1. Viv

Trump has proved the sheer ineffectiveness of medianet, social media, Twitter Facebook! What I have been saying all along for ticket sales!

  1. Javed Akhtar

A leader like Trump connects with our meanness He tells us don’t feel guilty there are many as vicious as you are . We love him for it .

  1. Arshad Warsi

Dicks & Dictators are leaders today….

  1. Ayushmann Khurrana

I miss Bernie Sanders. #USElection2016

  1. Sonakshi Sinha

Trump won and theres no Arnab on times now. What are these times we are living in?!?!?

  1. Twinkle Khanna

Donald Duck waddling to the White House doesn’t seem to be just a surreal nightmare. Misogyny plays its trump card and wins..

  1. Sunny Leone

What is most surprising is the entire government system is red now! Trump won’t have many hurdles to pass to do anything he wants!

  1. Karan Johar

TRUMP Towers!

  1. Riteish Deshmukh

& DONALD TRUMPS :Mr President Congratulations @realDonaldTrump

  1. Dia Mirza

A man that refuses to believe that #ClimateChangeIsReal may just lead the world! #USElection2016

  1. Ram Gopal Verma

Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s faces must have turned blacker than this with today’s trumping result.

#USElections #DonaldTrump #Elections2016 #Glamoursaga

Bollywood on Donald Trump's Win!
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