When the Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever was out, everyone was talking about how they have made the film from Darker to Hotter. Well if you thought that song was hot, wait until you hear the latest track Bom Bidi Bom crooned by Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas.

Teasing about the song, Nick had tweeted in January, “I know many babies will be made to this soundtrack…” Well take a look at the lyrics and you’ll know what he was talking about. Nicki’s rap from the song:

“He said, if he can’t hit my bullseye, he’d rather die/He put it on me better than any other guy,” she raps. “[…] Uh, assume the position when you see a bad one/The D so good, he just got a And 1/I’m about to blow, and I ain’t talking Samsung/I’m about to show him what I do with that tongue.”


Nick then brags about his bedroom performance.

“You played the front, I played it back You be the first, I be the last, I call it good love, Every kiss and every touch.”

Check out the song below and we just hope they release a video soon ft. Nicki and Nick, like they did with Taylor and Zayn:

Unlike the prequel where there’s a lot of NSFW and S&M content, the sequel has less sadism and more romance. Well, they are dating in the sequel after all. No boundaries, no contract, no BDSM… okay that’s there but with more emotions for each other. The trailer that recently surfaced and it has been very well received. The film has released in US on February 10 and opened to number one at the box office beating The Lego Batman movie and John Wick Chapter 2.

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‘Bom Bidi Bom’ is one of the most raunchiest ever!
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