Isn’t it funny how we start waiting for a movie to come out, more than a year in advance?One of the biggest releases of 2018 is the Hollywood flick Deadpool 2 (title yet to be decided). The first teaser of the Ryan Reynolds starrer superhero flick was released with Logan, and it received an overwhelming response. Now, new reports suggest that Brad Pitt might just star alongside Ryan in the film.

Deadpool 2 teaser had a lot of hidden clues in the short video which saw the superhero failing to save a man from getting murdered. One particular clue hinted at the introduction of a popular comic book character Cable in the series. A report, first appeared on, suggests that for a period of time Brad was in consideration to play the role of Cable. And it was not just the production house that wanted to get the actor, but Brad himself was keen on coming on board for the movie.

Hint at Cable’s introduction is given in Deadpool 2 teaser where Wade Wilson enters a telephone booth to change into his superhero costume, and on the door of the booth, we see “Nathan Summer is cumming” written. Cable is Nathan Summers’ alter ego.  Read here: Logan poster, Superman joke, Nathan Summers: 5 things you should not miss in Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 teaser

David Leitch is directing the superhero follow-up and the casting is still going on. Brad has stepped away from the talks and is focussing on starring in and producing the sequel to World War Z. But with the grandeur of the project that is Deadpool 2, there is a possibility that the makers and Brad might talk again. Names of actors like Michael Shannon, Pierce Brosnan, and even Nathan Fillion have been rumoured to be approached for the role. Nathan even makes a small appearance in Deadpool 2 teaser via the poster of his cult TV series Firefly. Let us see who finally lands the spectacular role that will play a major part in the film.

Also, a few potential concept art of Deadpool 2 are doing the rounds of Reddit. Brad looks fierce AF in the concept art centred on him. But in all probability these are just fanmade Have a look-


Well, all we could say is that the anticipation around Deadpool just exponentially increased.