The cast of Fifty Shades Darker has been warned against being overtly sexual in interviews by the makers. Oscar Winning actress Marcia Gay-Harden, who plays themother of Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey told The Sun about the same. “We can’t talk too much about nipple clamps, it is a love story after all – I don’t think they want us being too overtly sexual in interviews.”

The actress revealed that with the premise of the film being very kinky, she would often send out naughty tweets and kid about the same in interviews but she was told by the production house to avoid it! “I used to send out some naughty little tweets, along with the lines of this “sweater clasp” and I was told by Universal that I couldn’t do it anymore,” the actress explained. Apparently, she had tweeted, “Dear Christian, thank you so much for that lovely bracelet under the Christmas tree. Perhaps it wasn’t meant for me. Oh well, so pretty.” However, she was asked to bring it down by Universal.


“All the fans would write back, ‘No that wasn’t for you Mama Grey, oh no,” Marcia said. “That was a lot of fun but it was shut down.” The film has been in news for quite a while now thanks to the erotic content. Of course, as the shade as gone darker, there is more of love and less of kinky lovemaking. At least that’s what the trailer promises so far. Like the previous time, even this year the film will be having a Valentine’s Day week release. In an interview, Dornan had stated that shooting sex scenes with Dakota Johnson for the first time was very difficult as they barely knew each other.

However, the second time wasn’t all that hard as they became really good friends. “I was only cast five weeks before we started filming the first movie, and that’s when I met Dakota [Johnson] for the first time,” said the 34-year-old actor.

The film is slated to release this week in the US but we have no idea whether it will get an Indian release thanks to its content. Even if it is released, don’t expect any bold scenes or kinky romance that the film is famous for. The title track for the movie, I don’t wanna live forever, is sung by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift.

A video of the same has been put up as well and we gotta tell you, it’s quite awesome! Anyway, the excitement for the film is high but we wonder if we’ll be able to enjoy it.

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Cast of Fifty Shades Darker has been warned against being overtly sexual in interviews by the makers
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