Decoding the causes of whiteheads on nose and chin

  • Hormonal Changes– if you are undergoing puberty or you are undergoing any hormonal changes, it is likely that you will have more whiteheads than usual. Do remember that once your hormones go back to normal, you will have lesser bouts with whiteheads and other forms of acne.


  • Products– There are times when instead of making skin better, some skin products will only harm the skin. Whiteheads may be produced because of this.
  • Too Much Oil(Excess Exfoliation) in the Pores– When the skin is too oily, it becomes a good trap for trip and bacteria. This makes it possible for whiteheads and other form of acne to form on the skin.
  • Other causes like bacteria and dead skin

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Causes of whiteheads on nose and chin
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