Bella Hadid has become the latest of many celebrities to get tattooed by JonBoy, the New York City artist known for his delicate works of art.

Hadid recently broke up with The Weeknd, who was just spotted kissing Selena Gomez. Could this be a post-breakup tattoo?


It’s hard to say. The image — one wing on each side of her ankle — could have a number of meanings. They’re around her Achilles’ tendon, and the wings look a bit like the ones created by Icarus, introducing a few possible Greek mythology references. Or maybe she’s just symbolically spreading her wings and getting ready to take off.

JonBoy’s studio, West 4 Tattoo, is also where he created Kylie Jenner’s pinkie tattoo, Justin Bieber’s eye tattoo, and Zayn Malik’s lightsaber tattoo.

Hadid’s are some of the most creatively placed tattoos we’ve seen. Whatever their exact significance, the wings are an empowering image.

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