You have to admit that everytime we see a good film, we want more of it. That’s why sequels are such a hit. While there also are many sequels we wish didn’t exist, but for a film like Dangal, a sequel will be really good. Aamir Khan’s stupendous performance and some heart-warming performances by the female leads who played Geeta and Babita Phogat, made Dangal the best film of 2016.

An encore of the same is always welcome. So when the media caught up with Dangal’s director Nitesh Tiwari at the screening of Rangoon, he was asked about the possibility of the same and the reply he gave made us a tad bit hopeful.

Talking to us about the idea, Tiwari said, “I haven’t thought about it. I don’t know. I don’t plan so much in advance. But if there’s something really exciting, then why not.” Fair enough! It’s a thought-provoking film, so you definitely need the thought to get it moving.

Also we feel Dangal could well be a franchise celebrating stories similar to the Phogats. India is filled with such inspirational tales of women fighting all odds to become champions and the hardwork their parents put behind them. While we dig up more such stories so that Tiwari can give Dangal 2.


Dangal crossed Rs. 700 crore in the worldwide market, which is a mammoth total. It’s now the highest grosser Bollywood has ever made. Aamir’s film made single screen owners so happy that they had sent letters to the actor. A few single screen theatre owners penned down their thoughts about Dangal where they are thanking Aamir for making Dangal, which has brought back their cineplexes to life.

The letters addressed by Single Screen theatre owners expressed how year 2015 and 2016 witnessed a major low by the film business, making it difficult for them to survive in the business. Letters written by exhibitors and distributors to Aamir Khan were full of gratitude and narrated how they felt they got a lease of life with the tremendous response to Dangal.

Don’t you think a film like Dangal deserves a sequel more than any other flick?

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Dangal needs a sequel we feel but this is what the director thinks
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