This is something interesting that Ryan Reynolds fans in India are definitely going to like. The teaser of Deadpool 2 will be attached with Hugh Jackman’s Logan movie from today onwards. But the better news is that now we’ll get to see Ryan’s butt-show in full display! Shocking, isn’t it? The Central Board of Film Certification has been quite lenient with Deadpool not only are they allowing the butt show but are also letting the f-word pass without any cuts! Of course, the word mothe***ker has been muted but we guess that is something we can live with, isn’t it? It is quite shocking that the committee had issues with a lengthy James Bond kiss in Spectre but a butt on display is something they don’t mind passing.


For all those unaware, the Deadpool 2 teaser was actually attached to Logan film internationally. Yes, that’s how they got to enjoy the teaser and Ryan Reynolds in “full glory”. Perhaps it was due to the certification issue because of which we didn’t get to see Deadpool in Logan at the time of it’s release. Luckily now the film has the ‘A’ certification along with the teaser. Reynolds’ butt became an instant rage on the internet when it was released on Saturday. Confirming the same, Fox Star spokesperson told Mumbai Mirror, We are excited that the Deadpool 2 clip will be out from today with Logan and played the way it was intended to – without any cuts.” It is an exciting news! The CBFC didn’t have qualms with Ranveer Singh’s butt-display in Befikre also so perhaps it’s a weird criteria of theirs to allow butts but nothing else.

But let’s not get too carried away as the movie might have a lot of mother***ers, f**ks, s**t and a lot more that might get muted out. You see, the CBFC is kind but not always. Remember when Deadpool had released in India in 2016 and how a lot was censored as they deemed it “unsuitble” for Indian audience. Maybe they let their guard down a little here but we certainly can’t trust the board for their shenanigans might show up during censorship of Deadpool 2. While we pray and hope that doesn’t happen, you folks tell us, would you go watch Logan again for a big screen view of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool act?

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Deadpool 2 Teaser - Butt show won't be censored
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