Logan poster, Superman joke, Nathan Summers: 5 things you should not miss in Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 teaser

Yes! We know we just told you that Deadpool 2 teaser was just release. But there is so much more left to discuss. So, we are doing a round up of things that you should not miss in Deadpool 2 teaser trailer. 

Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson. This is not a teaser trailer for the release of the film. But just an announcement that Deadpool 2 is happening. To be honest, we are not even sure that the second film will even be called Deadpool 2. But we know that superhero flick will release on March 2. Yep! Calm down, it will release on March 2, 2018. The release is one year away. In the meantime we are breaking down the teaser for you, so that you can take in all the awesomeness of it.

Here we go:

Number 1, do not miss out the subtle dig taken at Superman throughout the teaser. First, when Wade Wilson decides to help the man in danger, Superman theme starts playing as background music. He sprints to a telephone booth to change into his Deadpool costume, much like Superman. There is ‘Hope’ written inside the telephone booth, and then as a graffiti on a wall. A clear nod at the meaning of S on Superman’s chest. Also at the end of the teaser Deadpool jokes where he would get a telephone in this era. Plus 1 for meta!

hope 1 hope 2

Number 2, Ryan Reynolds butt! We can’t stress this enough. We don’t know if that is actually Ryan Reynolds or his body double, but there is a butt, and you should not miss it. And probably the reason why the teaser could not make it to the India prints of Logan. Deadpool needs to meet Pahlaj Nihalani. Also Read: Deadpool 2 teaser has Ryan Reynolds’ butt – watch video

ryan reynolds butt

# Possible reveal of a new alliance is there in the teaser. On the telephone booth there is a text written that reads “Nathan Summers cumming soon”. Nathan Summers is a X-Men character, son of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. Like Deadpool teamed up with  Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead for the boss battle, this time it might be Nathan Summers whose superhuman alter ego is Cable. And the actor playing Nathan Summers might be David Harbour, whose name appears in the description of the video.

nathan summers



#Firefly posters are pasted across the walls. Firefly was a TV series that dealt with space adventures and starred Nathan Fillion. The series only lasted 1 season, but has a massive, like really really huge, seriously big, cult following. Now there is a theory doing rounds that Nathan might be playing the villain in the film. Or maybe he will play Nathan Summers.

firefly firefly 2

#Logan posters. In the theater behind the telephone booth we see the name Logan. Then the poster of Logan shows up in a later scene. A clear nod at Logan…duh…the movie with which the teaser is attached.

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