Imagine how terrible Deepika Padukone must be feeling right now. It’s like the LA press just doesn’t want to address Deepika by her name. I mean, if you remember, she was similarly mistaken as Priyanka during the LA promotions of xXx: Return Of Xander Cage but as if that wasn’t enough, the papz yet again chased her by chanting ‘Priyanka’, ‘Priyanka’, when she landed at the LA airport for the Pre-Oscars party last month. Yes, a video of the same is going viral right now.

We really dunno if they are doing this deliberately considering Deepika and Priyanka are contemporaries or if they are genuinely failing to register the ‘newbie’ Deepika’s name in their heads but thankfully, Deepika didn’t lose her cool and quietly headed to her car, despite going unrecognisable.


Probably, it’s all a matter of time coz if you see, Priyanka has already well established herself in Hollywood with not just a film ‘Baywatch’ lined up but also her hit TV series, Quantico along with a couple of international singles. She’s also comparatively had a longer run in Hollywood so the audience out there is gotta favour her more than Deepika, who for all that we know has recently joined the race with just one Hollywood film to her credit. But guess, Deepika exactly knows how to overlook such things. Who knows what bigger plans are in store for Deepika in the coming future and who knows she might emerge as a bigger Hollywood star one day.

Talking about the mistaken identity, at the very beginning, Daily Mail too had failed to recognise Deepika Padukone when she’d met Novak Djokovic. They had casually referred to Deepika as ‘ a female companion’. It’s only after Deepika’s Indian fans slammed Daily Mail for reporting so irresponsibly is when we got to read a rectified article with ‘Bollywood star’ being added ahead of mentioning Deepika.

Keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.

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Deepika Padukone referred to as Priyanka Chopra? Here's what happened next!
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