Would you want Deepika Padukone to be single or in a relationship with Ranveer Singh? Because the diva has stated that she’ll be whatever you want her to be! Confused? Soare we! At a recent event, Deepika was asked this very question of whether rumours of her split with boyfriend Ranveer were true. But what the reporter didn’t expect was DP’s sly response to the news.

She twisted his question and left him puzzled. So here’s what actually happened. For quite a while now reports of one of Bollywood’s hottest couples calling it quits have been doing the rounds. To confirm whether they were true, a reporter at the event, found the opportunity to ask a question regarding the same.

But the reply that the actress gave has confused us all even more. Initially, she was clueless about the rumours and asked, “what? Which news?” But soon after she got her answer, DP flashed a sly smile and decided to bring on the mystery game.

The reporter prodded the actress to answer whether she’s single or in a relationship. To this, she smiled and said, “What do you think? What would you like me to be? I’d be whatever you want me to be.”


Ah, now we’re more confused! Is she dating or single? Deepika surely knows how to create suspense and play along. This isn’t the first time she has given such a confusing reaction to questions directed towards her personal life. You can check out the video below.

But with what we’re seeing lately, it does seem suspicious. Deepika and Ranveer are making separate entries at parties, Singh has stopped gushing over his ladylove on social media and a lot more. But at the same time, when they do make appearances together, it’s a sight to remember! Confusing, isn’t it?

For a while now, it has been reported that there’s trouble in paradise but we just hope they’re all rumours. They’ll be seen next in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Padmavati, a period drama. The movie also stars Shahid Kapoor in a pivotal role. Hopefully by then, we’ll get a better understanding of what’s really cooking between Deepika and Ranveer and whether they have parted ways or are still together.

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Deepika Padukone, single or still in a relationship with Ranveer Singh?
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