And she’s back in the game! Wow, clearly blue is the colour for Deepika Padukone. Every time she has donned the hue, it has always been a successful fashion outing. Yesterday, the actress was present for a promotional event of a brand she endorses.

For the same, she wore a lovely denim dress by South African designer, Dionne Campbell – Young. What really struck us in this complete ensemble were the Dolce and Gabbana heels! The cute patterns with buttons and the brush-like elements protruding out is just too damn awesome. Often when you want to keep a look simple, there’s always one striking element. For us, in this look, it’s the heels.

Wow. We’re having a hard time getting over them. Notice something, Deepika has kept her entire look simple, flawless and added just a pinch of quirky with the means of the D&G sandals. her stylist has definitely done a good job here!


We certainly missed this side of Deepika! Lately, she made so many fashion blunders that we just couldn’t take it. Be it the shimmery Naeem Khan gown or the flashy golden Phillip Lim pants, they were a big letdown. In fact, fans were going berserk in anger as they simply couldn’t take the idea of their queen draped in drab. But this surely brings her back in the fashion game with full impact.

After this successful fashion rendezvous, we realised something. Deepika’s go-to colour is blue! Just last week when she made an appearance at New York Fashion Week, she wore a gorgeous blue Michael Kors outfit. It was pretty, the hair was done to perfection, the heels were made for the dress and yes, most importantly, Deepika looked lovely! Although, right after the Kors show, her Ralph Lauren ensemble was quite dull.

Let’s not even get to the pre-birthday party debacle at Shahid Kapoor’s residence. Perhaps, she should delve more into experimenting with blue.

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Deepika Padukone was spotted wearing a denim dress at a promotional event
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