Deepika Padukone definitely seems to be on some serious mission to take unbelievable fashion risks. I mean, one look at her current graph and you will know what we’re trying to say.

Maybe it’s the Hollywood effect but ever since DP has joined the international race courtesy her first ever Hollywood film xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, she’s been on this constant run to make rather bold style statements. In a way, it’s appreciable that she’s at least pushing the boundaries but then not every risk pays off right? Take for instance this latest Ralph Lauren creation from the ongoing New York Fashion Week 2017.

While we’ve never had any complaints against white for the mere fact it’s one colour that personifies elegance. But this outfit worn by Deepika however makes us reconsider our opinion. There, look at that fur in the lower half of the dress or for that matter, what’s with the matching white clutch camouflaging with the outfit? Dunno but probably the composition of the whole look has gone for  a toss including those unflattering nude-shaded pumps which are not even letting Deepika pose properly for a picture.


Not to mention, the oiled hair too is making Deepika’s face look a lot more elongated than the usual. Okay, maybe we have too high expectations from Ms Padukone but after all, she’s so beautiful that sadly, the outfits aren’t doing much justice to Deepika’s oh-so-gorgeous face. We miss seeing her being in her own beautiful self. We miss the colours, that pretty smile…

Thankfully, her previous appearance at the day 1 of New York Fashion Week 2017 didn’t fall this flat for she looked damn stunning in her Michael Kors outfit.  In fact, it was also one of the best looks that she’s sported in the last few months.


Let’s hope Deepika ups her style game in the coming days. But yea, what do you think of Deepika’s all-white game? Do you also think she could have done much better than this or do you actually like the look? Tell us in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates.

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Deepika Padukone's latest fashion appearance at NYFW 2017 - fab or drab?
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