A video of Mahira Khan’s suspicious conversation with Ranbir Kapoor from a recent event in Dubai, has taken the internet storm. While some have assumed she was literally begging, pleading in front of Ranbir; many also judged Ranbir’s body language who looked pretty disinterested during the conversation. Obviously the fact Mahira and Ranbir coming together for the first time got everyone excited but this one viral video was more than enough to distract the viewers for all that wrong reasons. So what exactly happened? Was Mahira really pleading in front of Ranbir at the event? Were they having an argument or any of those sorts? Well, you wish but an insider in interaction with Mumbai Mirror finally spills the beans on what exactly went down between Mahira and Ranbir, when they met for the first time…Also read: These videos of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are going viral and we can’t keep CALM

Turns out Mahira had initially intended to give the event a miss due to high fever and RK too wasn’t expected to be at the event. But feeling rather happy that she finally got to meet Ranbir, Mahira herself put all speculations to rest by clarifying that she was just catching up with Ranbir, discussing work and recalling how she had so wanted to promote her Bollywood debut Raees with her co-star Shah Rukh Khan on either side of the border but couldn’t do so because of the political tension. In fact, the insider even suggests how Mahira’s actions during her conversation with Ranbir was nothing but her way of being expressive…that’s how she usually talks. Well, in that case, guess the video was completely blown out of proportion.

Nevertheless, coming to the good side of it, Ranbir and Mahira met and spoke for a substantial amount of time; which means, there are chances of the two collaborating together for a project? I mean, if not for a Bollywood film how about an ad commercial or both of them venturing into the international market? One cannot rule out the possibilities because never say never. You can drop your anticipations in the comments below as we’ll be back with more updates on this hot story, right here only on BollywoodLife.