Stalking episodes have become extremely common lately and it’s getting scarier by the day. The most recent celebrity to have been troubled by a creepy stalker is Disha Patani. The diva, who is only two films old in Bollywood has already formed a humongous fan base for herself. So much that she even encountered a scary stalker episode. Luckily, she had the hotel bouncers and her own guards to protect her but it’s just sad that such things happen. The incident took place recently, in Delhi, where the actress was shooting for an ad film. Patani was staying at a hotel, when she first saw her stalker. Although, initially the fan arrived at her hotel with a view to meet Disha, she soon started seeing him everywhere. For the next two days, she was followed by the stalker, be it the set, mall and movie theatre!
Of course, she was a tad bit alarmed by it but Disha didn’t react to it, thinking it was just a fan, trying to get in touch. However, things went out of control when one day, he started creating a ruckus at the hotel, demanding to meet her. According to Mid-day, the male fan picked a fight with one of the hotel staff for stopping him. On the same, a member from the actress’ team stated, “Eventually, the hotel bouncers were called and the man was thrown out of the premises. The manager was prompt in taking action.” Unaware of this incident, when Disha found out about it, she was shaken. “I am relieved that the episode is over. I am deeply overwhelmed by the love of fans. When I got to know about it, I was in for a shock. It was an unpleasant experience.”

Well, stalking episodes are never pleasant. Her teammates had supposedly even asked her to report the incident and call cops on him. However, the actress decided not to do so. We wonder why because it’s always necessary to report such incidents. The minute you’re a Bollywood celebrity, you’re bound to be stalked by creeps. It’s the sad truth that people have to live with. So many celebs in the past have been affected by this crazy fan behaviour. We just hope fans get hold of their emotions and don’t take wrong measures to get in touch with their favourite celebs!