Aww! Emma Watson’s this gesture for her fans in India is surely going to be loved by all! The actress has shared a sweet Happy Holi message for her fans here and as urged fans to watch Beauty and the Beast. Now this is totally swell, don’t you think? The diva, who has been crushed on by Potterheads, stars in Disney’s live-action film, that also stars Dan Stevens. And this gesture of hers to send wishes for fans in India is damn sweet.

The actress, in her suave demeanour, said, “Namaste India, wishing you a very Happy Holi! And don’t forget to see Beauty and the Beast this March in cinemas near you.” Well, we can already hear boys sighing at just the sight of the actress, let alone her wish! A source stated, “Emma is aware that she has a huge fan base in India. She wanted to reach out to them. She chose Holi as the occasion to connect with her fans, and thus made a special video wishing them.” Oh wicked!


In Beauty and the Beast, Emma is reprising the role of Belle, which suits her personality quite a lot! Known for being bold, outspoken and headstrong, she is the real life Belle, we’d say. Anyway, so while a lot of promotions have been happening outside, Watson has sent her love for fans in India by wishing Holi and asking them to watch the film. You can check out the video of the same below.

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Emma Watson's Holi wish for fans in India!
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