Emraan Hashmi in a recent interview said, “In 2014, my son, he was 3 years and ten months, was diagnosed with a very rare case of kidney cancer.

It happens to roughly 2-3 per cent of kids under the age of four. My son was part of that unfortunate percentage of kids”.


“As a parent, as a caregiver in our family, we were shattered. We went through a lot of emotions. Pain, guilt, despair and depression. But, we were willing to fight this battle.

We knew we had to go for the long haul and do everything that we could to save our son’s life,” he added.

Emraan was speaking at the launch of TATA Memorial and Times Now’s ‘Cancer Awareness Campaign’. Speaking of statistics, the actor said he already knew that the treatment will be 6-7 months long post which there is a 5 year survival rate.

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Emraan Hashmi on Cancer
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